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  1. Rock and Roll anyone?

    My sons band is about to release their second CD. I must say that Josh has improved so damn much since their first effort and I can see his maturity starting to happen. He wrote and arranged all the material as well as being lead vocalist and lead guitar. "Too Hard, Too Much, Too Fast" has been selected by MADD to be included on a CD with 9 other artist for nationwide release with all proceeds going to help victims of drunk drivers but you wouldn't believe the legal wrangling involved in something that should be so simple. Anyway, there are 5 songs uploaded so far and of these 5, they're hoping to pull a single release for the college radio circuit. When ya get time, please go by and spend 15 minutes and let me know what ya think and if you hear a boss hit bouncy single. They all sound great to me so I'm not a good person to ask but I'm thinking "It's a Crime" or "I'll Cry for Mercy". It's just rock and roll and not meant to break down any walls, make any statements or over complicate things for the listener. Thanks. http://www.myspace.com/padlockgrim
  2. Beer

    These work while in the pool......................
  3. Leveraging a man's illness to gain membership!

    Yep, I recieved it as well and thought it strange.......................
  4. Welcome to the ReelBoating Forum racencase :)