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  1. East Cape - Nice twins

    Great pics.  
  2. Anyone need a bird...

    I thought this was gonna be about Freebird.......
  3. Should I log in to THT?

    The quality of the Bilge has dropped off the scale.  Nothing but real slack jawed slavering idiots, with a few exceptions.
  4. No one hurt I hope.  Just tilt up the motors and winch it out, my guess. 
  5. That's really cool. Any idea on the length of Jobs' boat?
  6. Mullet Run II

    What river?
  7. Yes, that one is hard to figure. The captain is apparently oblivious to the fact that there is current.
  8. Samsung S5

    My wife just got the S5 and loves it. I'm sure I'll have to have one too as soon as I get the chance.
  9. It was a shake down

    Very nice post. Lucky you!
  10. Wish I could be there, Katelin.
  11. Redfish Frenzy

    Great video! Is that Grand Isle LA?
  12. Looks like metal. Apparently the 296 people who have viewed this post do not know. I don't.
  13. TimW Texas

    Very sad. I know I have probably exchanged a few posts with him in time. Its good for his family that he had a friend like you Welder.