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  1. Its over and not a minute to soon

    The weather in Chi-town has been in the 30's most of the last 2 weeks, but it's in the 40's today, yahoo! I've already fished Lake Michigan though, two weeks ago we caught 12 coho salmon on my buddies trailerable boat, so the season has started. My boat goes in the slip this Friday.
  2. Introductions are in order

    Welcome Trigger Happy, don't shoot.
  3. Sorry for your loss and I hope it's all over soon, at least it wasn't a deadly fire.
  4. How about some express style boat pictures, just asking? 32-38 would be nice?
  5. Trucks

    Nice trucks, woof, woof!
  6. Thanks again Ludicrous

    Thanks men! Always enjoy it.
  7. Brooks 2011 MIBS

    Look at all the room for electronics on that boat. Pretty hard to reach without a remote though.
  8. Ameracat 2011 MIBS

    Thanks for the pictures my friend, very nice.
  9. Are Boat Shows a Thing of the Past?

    I'd like to get to the Florida show but just haven't been able to fit it in my schedule and the Chicago boat show doesn't have the kind of boats I want to move up to on display. Maybe next year?
  10. How much for that bad puppy?
  11. 68-69, that's all? Just kidding, that looked darn fun.
  12. Thanks Wiley, I can't believe I've never gone to the Miami boat show. Next year for sure!
  13. Invincible 42 Video

    Nice video, that's one heck of a boat! Thanks.
  14. Thanks man, I'm looking forward to it.

    That is a beautiful view.