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  1. VW TDI or Prius?

    Chevrolet Volt all the way, I drove one and it was fun to drive
  2. Left bright and early with my Cousin Mike, his son and friend. Dropped lines into dead calm water at 150 ft and trolled to 750 ft, not even a knockdown. Pulled out the Deep Drop Gear, no electrics here..:R. Made 4 drops to dial in, caught a 18lbr, 7 lbr and this 28lbr. Biggest one so far for us. Continued to troll for a while all the way to 1000 ft, turned and came in to 60 ft. Only had 1 knockdown over the hill, saw 2 free swimming sails and caught 2 Bonita. Water temp was way warm today, 87-88 degrees all the way to 1000 ft. At least we put dinner on the table.
  3. Wanted to fish while the Dolphin run was still going on. So we decided to try for them and leave bright and early at 5:30 AM. My neighbor decided to sleep in until 6, so we got a late start at 6:30. Went out the inlet and found great seas, medium swell, light chop, I love these conditions. Ran straight out and dumped in the lines at 100 ft and headed East. Found a light rip with some weeds in 300 ft and BAM, short flat goes off, then the other flat goes off, double up Skunk off, nice 'fins in the boat. Decided to work this rip for a while, Had a few more fins show uo and then while resetting the long rigger, as I went to clip it on, it pulled from my hands and a Large Blackfin Tuna comes in on a rigged flying fish, nice surprise. Continue working this area and found Always Forward out there, hope you did well. Decided about 10:30 to call it a day, and trolled west and in about 120 ft caught a nice King. Trolled Ballyhoo and Flying fish with green or pink skirts work best for us today. Here are some pics back at the dock.
  4. Tile Fish 1-16-11

    750 ft, hand crankin baby !!!
  5. Went out today to Tiley Town today with a couple of friends and my son. Nothing on the troll today, but the water was perfect , decided to go drop for a few Golden Tile Fish. 1.5 knot current and calm seas were perfect. Was not on the bottom for 10 seconds when- Fish On. Hand cranking all the way, no electrics for me. Awesome day, limited out on 4 drops, easy to do. Went into Pecks Lake and caught a bunch of Runners, Blues and Spanish, let them go to be caught another day.
  6. Decided to go out today around 1pm when my daughter got off work. Made it out to great conditions and really clear water. Trolled spinning rods down to Pecks lake and in about a hour caught 4 nice Spanish, 11 Bluefish and several small jacks. Needless to say, the kids had a ball, I was just there to drive the boat. The smiles say it all. Enjoy the pics.
  7. Shimano TLD50IILRSA w/ 50lb momoi with 200 lb windon on a Crowder 50T full roller rod with both unibutt straight and unibutt curved - 500.00
  8. I have 2 rod and reels combos. Crowder Rods with roller stripper and tip, and 2 Penn International 50 TWs with 50 lb Mamoi mono. These reels are in great condition stored indoors. 500.00 each or the pair for 900.00. Thnks for looking
  9. Electramate 920 XP with Daiwa Bent Butt Rod, Penn 9/0 loaded with 100 lb Powerpro. 3 Position switch for retreival. Never had any problems with this setup. 500.00 OBO, plus shipping from Port St Lucie. I do travel the state of FL and would be willing to deliver if it fits in my schedule. Call 772-475-4990 or email at Thanks for Looking Clint
  10. Welcome to the ReelBoating Forum krisis7 :)