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  1. dipstick added a post in a topic Ocracoke, 4th of July weekend   

    We have a group of about 8 boats going to Southport Marina for the weekend. Once I get backed into a slip on Friday I aint movin till Sunday evening - gonna be a wild weekend on the water.
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  2. dipstick added a post in a topic Capsized boat Beaufort Inlet 6/13   

    Did y'all take notice that he doesent even look wet? How did he get on the bow of an upside down boat and stay dry???
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  3. dipstick added a post in a topic Introductions   

    Mike - AKA dipstick

    Hampstead NC

    Own the YOUAZZ a 32 Ocean SS and the Blue Streak a retored 1968 Starcraft.

    Find us anywhere from Hatteras to Little River but mostly around Wilmywood.

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    Test picture
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