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  1. Cigar Thread

    If you like the VSG torps, and you like big ring gage smokes, you have to try the VSG Wizard. It's a toro (6") with a 54 gage & all that good VSG goodness. $14-15 I like the Pepin JJ series toro's as well, they may be a 56 gage. $11 My goto fat smoke is a EO 601 Blue label. 54 gage box pressed toro. (Blended by Don Pepin) $9. I have found that just about anything Mr. Pepin blends tends to have the best flavor.
  2. Mann's Stretch Lures

    We use em out of OCMD on the inshore (inshore of the canyons) lumps & ditches. I typically pull 25's tied directly to 40-60# main line. Never had any problems with breakoffs. Its my first lure in, usually the first lure hooked up. Not always the most productive lure, but I can't think of a trip without a hookup on em The are perfect for the Jackspot- kings, blues, mahi & bonita. Yet to get a BFT on one, but I bet its possible.
  3. How do you like your walkaround?

    I fish 2 WA's all the time in 2 different situations. 25 Cobia WA 250 Yammi OX66 in OCMD out to 55 miles. This is my inlaws boat that I take offshore 6-8 times per year & striper fish OC inlet for a week in early winter. This boat has all the bells & whistles- alum enclosure, riggers, full electronics, 15hp kicker, all the good stuff. 21 Trophy WA 125 Merc, buddies boat that we use for striper fishing the susky flats (my home waters). I took that boat out 40+ times this season. This boat is bare bones. Cobia Pro's/Cons: pros- Fast, dry, offshore capable. Great trolling & fishing platform for 2-3 anglers. Great ride in rolling seas. Soft entry on soft waves (not steep) The enclosure is nice for getting out of the weather. cons- The boat will beat the snot out of you in the chop. WA's are no match to CC's for ride quality. The enclosure makes the boat tough to fish in tight condions like OC inlet. It's difficult to get to the helm in a jam. The cabin is worthless. To "walk around" off shore is not a easy task. Fighting a fish, forget about it. Trophy Pro's/Cons: Bare bones open bay fishing boat. Dry soft ride. Yes, soft in hard chop. Plenty of comfort for the bay. Cons: Not many. Small engine=kinda slow. No decent live well. Cabin is useless. I own a bowrider & a old school express style fishing boat, if I had a choice, I would buy a 25' or so CC with a full enclosure.
  4. Yammie

    Whats up all... got a 00' 250 OX66 that started cutting out over 4800 RPMs at the end of last season, this year it can happen at any speed over 3000. It just "stops" & will start at the turn of a key. It's NOT- Fuel Air Temp. Must be electrical. Any ideas?