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  1. I think the reason you're not finding them is that once people get one they don't get rid of them. There's a pretty good cult following. I have a lot of time in a Pathfinder of a friend of mine's and if I was buying it would be first choice.
  2. Hi all! New from Seattle - Question

    I don't know where that line came from in the above post.
  3. Hi all! New from Seattle - Question

    If you're in salt water you need to use antifouling bottom paint. I don't know about fresh water.
  4. cleaning electronics

    I ruined the coating on my stuff but found something at It's a stick on coating that has glare protection. It works great.
  5. Yamaha HPDI

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll pass them along.
  6. Yamaha HPDI

    A friend of mine is looking at a 27 jupiter with twin Yamaha 250 HPDI.s on it. I thought I had heard some bad things about that motor in the past. Anyone know anything about these?
  7. Global warming

    22 right now in snowy south Jersey
  8. Four Strokes

    I have a 2000 Yamaha F115 with 800 hours and not a problem yet.
  9. Cobia

    Up here in New Jersey we get them sometimes in July and August. We use eels and throw them to the cobia when we see them. there is no hesitation.
  10. Cobia

  11. Nonreflective coating

    thanks for the ideas I'll try them
  12. I have a Furuno 1850 that is 6 yrs old and the coating on the screen had gotten scratched enough that it was very annoying. I took some cleaner wax and took it off thinking that it would be ok, but the glare on a sunny day is really bad. Furuno wants $375 to redo it. That's not going to happen. Does anyone know of a coating like maybe car window tint that I could put on the screen to get rid of the glare? Thanks in advance for the help.

    A friend of mine got one and loves it.
  14. yamaha F300 V6

    It's on their website now.