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  1. Been here a while myself but I keep wondering where my dear friend UAVAJ has gone to? Did someone shoot him or is he in jail by now? Only his hair dresser knows for sure...
  2. Sea Hunt boats

    Tidewaters are selling well as are our Parkers; Lake Erie is great for both brands
  3. What got you started into Boating?

    What in the world are you talking about? Don't recommend anyone click on the link or respond to the "survey" just based on the way the English language is being butchered by this contributor--probably a spammer or some such thing
  4. Mercruiser 3.7 liter

    call 419 732 2116 and ask for Tim in service; should be able to talk you through it
  5. What constitutes "offshore"?

    Here on Lake Erie we do things way different. Offshore means you are floating....
  6. Buying a Used Boat

    Brokers are governed by laws to provide you with free and clear titles; but make sure they escrow the dollars pending producing said clear title--or better yet maybe you should escrow the dollars at a bank of the sellers choice; might work with a private sale as well. Arrange so the dollars are only released once a clear title has been provided and signed off lien free.
  7. Hello?

    Good Lord, don't tell Mike C we're over here....
  8. Hope to see you all there, Jan 17 to the 21st at the IX Center near Hopkins Airport in Cleveland.
  9. Hello?

    Agree with you SC; getting a little stupid over there; arguments just for the sake of arguing; no sound basis for points being presented, etc.
  10. ReelBoating

    Good to see you here Gary!
  11. Hello?

    Hi Joe: don't visit this one all that often and been out of town in fla for a few weeks; this forum is a little more calm and friendly if you get what I mean; but then that's also why it is a little more dormant as well.
  12. Outboard Rebuild

    Same thought I had Dave; the op should do thorough resarch and maybe also do a search on tht for some answeres.
  13. What got you started into Boating?

    Interesting to hear how most of our addictions started at a very young age; thanks for sharing!
  14. Hello?

    I'll look forward to it!
  15. Hurricane Issac

    We have a condo rented in Marco for Nov; not looking good for that area.