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  1. 2001 SEASWIRL 2600WA

    Sounds interesting. Do you have any fuel consumption numbers or estimates? What's the HP rating on that little V-8?
  2. I read it. Sounds like a little power play in local politics and the Sheriff has his dander up a wee bit. It also sounds like the guy has the welfare of the community at heart to me. Lord knows the feds aren't going to do anything about illegal aliens....and, no, they are not illegal immigrants. If you're an immigrant that would mean you've entered the country lawfully, in peace, and without intent to do harm or break laws. Seeing that is not the case in the large majority of instances down in Arizona, i would say the sheriff is doing a fine job. Someone has to put the fear into those people. Hmmm..... St Paul eh? Probably an Al Franken fan.
  3. Someone please put the guy in charge of prisons nation wide.!!!
  4. Be carefull with kids water toys

    I have seriously given up all hope for this country....I mean, did you read the comments people made under that vid? There are more than a few that actually believe that was real. ...... All is lost.
  5. Tred Barta

    Link doesn't work. What's up with Ted now?

    Good marketing sells products. period. Any garden variety electric heater will do the same thing. 1500 watts is 1500 watts no matter what kind of cabinet it comes out of. No magic here at all. The cost savings claimed come only if you turn the thermostat down for the rest of the house and use the EP heater to warm the room you are in to a comfortable level. Buy yourself a little ceramic disk type heater with an integral thermostat for about $50 and enjoy identical benefits while taking up 1/5 the floor space.
  7. Question about the forum

    So what happened to the stuff on the old sand bar?
  8. Smoky Mountain Breakdown

    Living with our mistakes.............that's the way it's been with most of mine.
  9. Smoky Mountain Breakdown

    And if you like incredible steel guitar picking listen to Orange Blossom Special done by this guy. He's a Brit no less!!! I didn't think they knew bluegrass even existed over there but this guy is a master.
  10. Smoky Mountain Breakdown

    I love that too. Some pretty serious players on that stage. BTW........it's Foggy Mountain Breakdown IIRC
  11. Cold Beer

    A few of 'em..........I mean how's a guy to pick just one? Bells Oberon if I'm in the mood for something a little fruity. Leninkuegel's Sunset Wheat with a pork loin on the grill Stella Artois with anything. Guinness Stout with a big bloody steak. I'm not a typical beer quaffer, rarely drink more than one and usually with a meal. I'd go broke buying cases of the stuff listed above if i drank a lot of it.
  12. ZZZZzzzzzZZzzzz .......

    Send some of that heat up here to Michigan!!! We just experienced the coldest July on record for our state since 1880. More days in the high 60 low 70* range than the usual 70-80+ range. I do heating and cooling work and we still have people calling us saying their furnace isn't working!!. As for business, it sucks. Most of the state, it seems, is either under employed or unemployed. We have a couple decent jobs going so my boys and i are staying goodn' busy. Not a lot of time to post or comment here. Still working for the day I can get a boat to take out on the "Big Drink" as we call Lake Michigan and then talk about it here.
  13. Adoption question

    My daughter and her hubby went through Bethany Christian Services and my brother and brother in law both used Holt Adoption agency. Fantastic experience for all three of them. The wife and I went to Guatemala to bring or daughters little boy home with them. He had been with a wonderful foster family for the first nine months of his life. Watching Elaida, the foster mom, and her kids hand him over to my daughter about did me in. They really loved the little guy. I think both agencies handle domestic and foreign children. I wouldn't let age scare you off. Having a young'un terrorizing the place will keep you from getting old. Love is what it's all about.
  14. RIP-David Carradine

    I'm trying not to visualize that................
  15. More economic carnage

    Heard today that 4Winns boat company (Genmar) is declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy. Their plant is only 20 miles from where I live and lot's of local folks worked there. Things can't get much worse here in Michigan before we just close up shop and all leave.