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  1. Happy Birthday Wiley

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Congrats to ReelBoating ...

    Nice shirts . I need to get a couple!
  3. Texas Motor Speedway

    have fun at the races!! Take a bunch of pictures for us Good luck with the MRI
  4. Where am I?

    You got 100%! Close Welder, I'm in room 737 or somewhere close to there You guys watchin me!!
  5. Where am I?

    Come on! Whats the room number!!! Should be able to tell from the picture angle Good job!!
  6. Where am I?

    That's true, the round building is ALDAR HQ at Raha Beach. Good job. How about the rest.
  7. Where am I?

    Good guess, close. but thats not it.
  8. Where am I?

    Where at in UAE?
  9. Where am I?

    I'm gone again for a couple weeks and just snapped a couple shots which I'm sure some of you will probably be able to pick out where but figured I'd test ya a little anyway.
  10. Singapore

    You got it Buford!!!
  11. Singapore

    I'm in Singapore this week doing a little work. It's my last day here and wouldn't you know it it is pouring outside. Today's the day I was going to do some looking around since I have been pretty busy up until now. Hopefully it stops soon so I can check things out. Not sure who's been here but I'm staying at the Hilton on Orchard Street. Pretty nice place and right in the middle of everything. Attached a couple pics of the nasty weather now. Anyone who's been here recognize the second picture? Any guesses what it is. Pretty famous place over here
  12. Check out this Obit.

    Check out the last line of this Obituary. Their my hero's!! Olpinhoopes
  13. Saudi Arabia Aug 2010