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  1. Best boat songs ever?!

    What about a little Peter Tosh?? Van Morrison? Jackson Browne? Even some old Van Halen? I'll check my i-pod for more.
  2. Twin Bilge Pump Plumbing

    Check valves will help ( no backflow) but, depending on how far apart the pumps are, you could also wire the float switches and pumps to one another so that both pumps run at the same time. My engine room pumps are set to run together (old Hatteras), but it could be a problem if one gets stuck the other may burn out too.
  3. Boating/fishing Forums?

    I have recently had a lot of time on my hands (hernia surgery) to do nothing in particular so I started looking into different fishing forums. I have only found five or six of them that are used to any frequency. I do not know if I am just not googling the right words, but it seems that most people stick to a few forums. I guess my question would be: How many other forums, that are actually as useful as this one, are there?
  4. Testing Personal Photo

    Cool that works! Now I know what I look like.
  5. Testing Personal Photo

    Ah so I need to edit my avatar then. I will try that now. Thanks!
  6. Testing Personal Photo

    That didnt work. How do I add a pic?
  7. Testing Personal Photo

    Testing to see if my personal photo shows up.