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  1. Wet Slip w/no bottom paint

    I had mine in a wet slip for 2 weeks before it was scheduled for bottom paint. It was used 3 of those days. There was enough growth in those 2 weeks to affect the performance of the boat. Painted now and everything is good. Brian
  2. I have a 4208 that hasn't had any updates done. Do you know if I can upload the latest software or is it necessary to progress through all updates to reach the current load?
  3. I Bet They Went Arrrrggggghhhhhhhh!

    I'd support this action!
  4. I had a friend located in the same area as my boat get in touch with me. He put me in touch with another marina that is doing it for $24 a foot. Thanks for all the responses it really prompted me to search for a better deal. I saved over $600.00 from my first quote. Brian
  5. Cold Water Boot Camp

    Great info! Thanks for the link.
  6. I call 2 other places and they both want $35 a foot. Much better!
  7. One Of The More Ignorant Things I've Seen Lately

    Reading this has made me feel much better today. I thought I was the only one these things happen to. Brian
  8. I didn't keep it the water last year and didn't plan on it in the future. It just kind of "happened". I will check with some other places in the area. Thanks Brian
  9. I have a 23' Sea Hunt getting bottom paint for the first time next Wednesday. Power washing, sanding, primer and paint is 1200.00. I was told after the initial painting the cost would cut in half for future painting. I just want to know if this price sounds fair. It is being done in the Carolina Beach, NC area. Brian
  10. Southport - Friday/saturday

    I was in the Carolina Beach and Southport area over the weekend. Spent the weekend cleaning the boat and cruising. Did you have any luck? Brian