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  1. Offer 1: NIB, 2 reels, never used or spooled. Best offer. Pix available. Amazon: $402.15 Ebay & Tackle Direct: $419.99. No reasonable offer refused. Offer 2: Pair of Ilander Flasher Series Lures. NEW. Melton: $26.99 Amazon: $23.99 Best offer for both. PAYPAL accepted as payment. PM me with offers Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag SALD30HS Hyper Speed Reel Features Reel Speeds: Single Speed Weight: 17.3 oz. Max Drag at Full: 26.0 lb. Max Drag at Strike: 13.2 lb. Line Retrieve Per Crank: 42.4 Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag SALD30HS Hyper Speed Reel Overviews Daiwas finest compact lever drag reels offer the durability and performance features needed for ultra-strong fish, ultra-strong braid. Hyper Speed models offer gear ratios up to 7.3 to 1 and can rip in up to 52 inches of line with every crank. That's a big advantage for fishermen trying to entice a high speed jig strike. Once hooked up, Daiwa's exceptionally-smooth Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag gives maximum fish control. Saltiga Lever Drag reels match perfectly with Saltiga Boat rods. Saltiga Boat Rods. Saltiga Lever Drag Hyper Speed Features: Hyper Speed gear ratios up to 7.3 to 1, picking up over 52.6 inches of line with every crank Six CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings Offset power handle with Soft Touch grip Massive stainless steel gearshelical cut for optimum power and smooth winding Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD) Machined aluminum frame and left side plate are one solid piece for unmatched strength Machined aluminum spool Centrifugal casting brakes Machined aluminum rod clamp and Dual-system Infinite Anti-Reverse.
  2. Family member looking for tenant, annual lease. 4/4, 2 story historic home 6 miles from inlets. Send PM and I'll fwd. Pix available.
  3. Response: While we certainly understand your position and wish we could have docking for everyone who would like to enjoy SunFest by boat, doing so simply is not feasible. Permitting, logistics, safety and cost are all issues. And even if these could all be resolved, the number of boats that could use the existing facility would be extremely small. This year we are making coming to the festival by boat better by substantially lowering the cost of the water taxi service. We are also allowing boaters to drop of their passengers at the dock, reducing the number of people that need to use, and pay for, the water taxi service. These changes make coming by water quite possibly cheaper than coming by car and parking. It's the best we can do and seems to many boaters we've spoken with to be a very reasonable accommodation. Melissa Sullivan Public Relations & Marketing Manager 525 Clematis Street West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 Is it wishful thinking for boaters to back in and tie up with anchor off bow? Would hold many more boats. Oh never mind, this takes skill.
  4. Excellent post. You bet I will contact all the people involved. This is an outrage and insult to the boating community. Yea there are drunken boat fools, but the cops can collar them and make it expensive for their childish behavior. Well done. I'll be emailing everyone tomorrow and will post any replies.
  5. Sailors and dingy people are going to love this item. Torqeedo
  6. Problems with LED Trailer lights

    I returned a pair of Optronics LED's to the factory. They sent me a new pair no charge. Here's a new product that looks like the answer. Wireless trailer lights, no wires to the light heads. They are removeable.
  7. Is the digital command link feature part of the 2K NMEA network? Would have been nice to see a read out of this feature in the video. As long as I'm on the production of it, let's see what's under the hood. Is this a 2 or 4 stroker? Stats on fuel burn please.
  8. NuMark sea anchor w/quick release $80. 4' diameter, 45" long 1pr galvie rims, 5 lug 13" $35 So Fla area.
  9. 1 Trident holder for electric reel/2 rods. SHIMANO BAIT RUNNERS: 4500, 6500'S DAIWA BG 30 RODS/REELS LARGE SEA ANCHOR, ANCHOR BALL RIG I've downsized to a flats rig and want to get inshore spin rigs. Quantum Boca on the wish list. Whatcha got? Pictures on request.
  10. ReelBoating Super Bowl Contest

    24-20 SAINTS
  11. Good Lord............not a pretty sight. That rig is a total loss. Hope the insurance covers all
  12. Airmar TM260 Transducer NEW

    UPDATE: After doing proper research, I sent the unit back and went with a new thru hull. Installed, glassed in, re-painted. Looks factory. Got too many reasons why NOT to have this external unit. Works like a champ.
  13. yamaha F350 4 STROKE

    Here's my Contender 25 with the F350........Awesome with the Jack Plate
  14. Chick Magnet

    Silly, lazy me. Guess I should have checked. Wiley, pls delete my repeat. Don't want to waste bandwith.