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  1. new line of Sea Fox boats

    The hulls were changed in 2007 or 2008 if I remember correctly. They are much improved of the Sea Fox of old. Quality is good, fit and finish is better (see below decks) and the ride is good as well. I have a 2010 256 WA. My last boat was a '97 Seamaster (Renken) which was the precursor to the Sea Fox line. My 2010 is much improved of the 1997.
  2. From what I can tell - as long as you are "feet wet" you are ok.
  3. South Florida Honda Dealers will NOT be my choice Mr. Williams since you decided to spam this board. If you read the original post (which you didn't) you would see that I asked for recommendations on Honda MARINE dealers - not car dealers. Why you would come to a marine board and try to see me a car, is beyond me....
  4. South Florida Honda Dealers

    Thanks Welder!! That's where I got this list of names from. I don't see how to tell if they are 5 star dealer though. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Anybody have any recomendations on a Honda Dealer in South Florida? I live in Jupiter and would like to stay somewhat local. Dealers closet to me are as follows - sorted by distance. 1.) Hobe Sound Marine - Hobe Sound 2.) ARG Marine - West Palm Beach 3.) Seven Seas Yacht Sales - Stuart (they did the service on my stolen motors) 4.) Sea and Sea Marine - Boca Raton (never heard of them - at all) 5.) St. Lucie Outboard - Ft. Pierce I called Treasure Coast Boating Center but they are not a full line dealer so no go. Working on getting quotes today.
  6. Welder - thanks! That's a great idea! I'll see if Honda can keep an eye out for me as they are twins. I had Honda register the SN's as stolen, so that should help as well. My thought is that they are on their way to Cuba, Mexico, Jamica or the Bahamas to go to work on a fishing boat by now.
  7. Allright guys - need some help. I had 2 - 2009 Honda BF 150's stolen in Jupiter last night. Motors are 25" shaft, counter rotation. Thieves stole from Public Storage on Military Trail. They cut the fence, unbolted the motors and wheeled them out. If anyone hears of any for sale in south Florida, please PM me so that I can check serial numbers. Theft occurred on 2/1 - 2/2 between the hours of approximately 9:00 pm and 8:00 am.
  8. Chief powerboat aerated step

    Found this online: Can't tell you anything else...
  9. West Palm Beach Boat Parade

    I couldn't talk the Admiral into going. Seems that she had made plans for us the same time I was making plans. The other couple couldn't get a sitter in time, so we went to dinner. I'll be sure to plan better next year!
  10. West Palm Beach Boat Parade

    I was trying to decide if I should go to near Little Munyon and watch or go up to Jupiter. I live in Juipter and the boats in Jupiter but I don't know if they will let us anchor near the coast guard station. I'd love to watch the parade and fireworks from the boat, but I don't know the logistics. The website shows the boat viewing area near little munyon and nowhere else. I almost think I'd rather fight the boat traffic than the foot traffic at the parks.
  11. Anybody ever been by boat? Is it worth it - other than getting the boat wet. Any tips?
  12. Suzuki-Yamaha

    Check out outboard specialities in Pompano Beach, FL. Suzuki dealer that takes in trades.
  13. New Site Design

    New colors are great!! Thanks!!
  14. New Site Design

    too hard to read with the new color scheme.
  15. Wow! Great info BMARKEY! Any thoughts of sending this to the local news media? Maybe if Zapetis is tried in the "court of public opinion" somebody may try to charge him for the cleanup?