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  1. Boston Whaler's new Montauk 210

    damn, i like whalers, but 51,000 is completely absurd.
  2. teal whaler paint

    anyone know what the classic teal whaler color specific color is? just bought an old 15 montauk and want to paint the inside of it that color.
  3. picked up a new ride!

    yes, definitely electronic controls. I have my eyes on a 300 hp Verado thats coming out of a guide program soon, if so i'll buy the associated merc controls and smart craft gauges. my friends boat has a honda 200 on it with the tower and it does 33 knots at full throttle and cruises around 26 sipping fuel.. i'm thinking if i get that 300 verado and prop it right we should come up with some pretty good numbers. there is a 200 opti available for a really good price but i think i'd have a hard time going to a 2 stroke from a 4... we'll see how much this verado is gonna run me.
  4. picked up a new ride!

    Bob, still have the PL up here in Lauderdale, pushing 1200 hours in 3 years. the privateer is going to be the keys boat. i got sick of running back and forth whether by trailer or by water. thanks for the comments, still looking for an engine.
  5. Over the last few years i've spent some time on a friends 1989 24' Privateer that he's since put a honda four stroke 200 on and more recently we've added a tower to it . I fell in love with the simplicity, deck space, and the usefulness of the boat. I began looking for one of my own as my next boat. after several months of unsuccessfully locating one locally i nearly jumped in my truck to drive to texas when we drove right by one for sale in the keys. i bought the boat the following day. After comparing hull numbers the one i purchased was hull number 981 and my friend Brian owns hull number 982. what are the chances.... and now that reunite tied up next to each other in key largo... The boats in great shape, i just need a new motor. It has a great running 2000 225hp EFI, the problem is it burns a lot of gas for the type of fishing and boating i do - i'm thinking probably a four stroke honda or maybe an optimax. any votes? heres a few pics.
  6. My love affair with water...

    iMovie on my Mac is what i used to make it.
  7. My love affair with water...

    thanks, glad you enjoyed it, i constantly take pics and videos with my iphone and i figured it was time i did something with them.... steven spielberg hasnt called me yet, but i'm still waiting for my phone to ring..
  8. looking forward to it! thanks!
  9. did an RB member end up buying it or no? i was looking forward to hearing more about it
  10. Garmin Problem

    how deep are you when you lose it?
  11. New Air Conditioner - So Cool

    i dont know whats more suspect, the lifetime warranty on the compressor (which i've never heard of in my life) or the fact that this isnt an advertisement for aamabru.... have any pictures of your install? and or the certificate from marine air that says lifetime warranty? the one in my dealer package says 2 years.....
  12. Jon, beautiful boat, just out of curiosity, whats the weight of the boat unrigged compared to a similar sized hull with traditional fiberglass construction? also, are there any projected running numbers with the twin 300's?
  13. Memorial day week fishing trip

    very cool, PS do you eat Cuda that big? or is that for bait on a future trip?