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  1. Bumper Bash

    Anybody go to the Bumper Bash last Sat? Got any good pics to share?
  2. Show your boats and your fish

    Sea Hunt 196
  3. Kick-off

    Usually launch from Sandy Point State Park near the Bay Bridge, spend time in the Severn, Magothy, Eastern Bay, and near Hart Miller Island. Recently ran from the bridge up to Chesapeake City and back on a calm day, about 100 miles round trip.
  4. First evening of Rock Season, Chesapeake Bay.
  5. I kinda like the orange but Mercs are supposed to be black, maybe the motor was attempting suicide due to being painted white. It was embarrased, people thought it was a Rude.
  6. Doesn't some auto wax have the potential to yellow the gel coat?
  7. Yamaha Gauges - Trim Display Not Working

    The manual says it should read 9 - 11 ohms resistance between the pink and black wire of the sensor. The harness plugs in over next to the the rigging opening near the front left (facing motor from boat) on an F150. The connector is white and has a little clip to keep it from pulling apart unintentionally. Someone correct me if I have anything incorrect here. HTH