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  1. I am looking for a 20 Pathfinder with a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke. Must have trailer. Checking to see what is out there. I believe I have seen all the ones listed, which there are not many of them. If you would rather email me   
  2. I bought a Riffe Euro 110x speargun a few months ago, when I was home for summer break. I never got the chance to use and it now I probably won't get time for it within the next year. So I want to sell it. I bought it for $530. I am going to ask $475obo, but I might be intrested in some trades (rods, reels, tackle, etc.) If you are intrested, send me a pm or email to I will get pictures of it when I go home next week. Thanks
  3. Rusty, I sent you a pm. I really want the rods/reels, but I am not sure that the pm went through. They still avaliable? Thanks
  4. I am looking for a navionics cf gold card. I want the U.S. Southeast and the Bahamas. If you have one with the Florida Keys on it, let me know. Thanks
  5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a brand new Oceanic Atom 2.0 Dive Computer with transmitter and Usb that I bought new and never used. I need to get rid of it and I am asking $850 shipping included but I will consider all offers. Still has full warranty. Send me a pm if intrested.
  6. We are trying to get ideas on how to mount the hose for our washdown system. We really like the way it is mounted on the 23 seacraft tournament. Here is a link to a pic of it: Does anyone know what the little black piece on the right is, and where it can be purchased? Also for anyone that has been on this boat, what is on the other end of the pipe that the hose sits on that keeps it from falling? I know I have seen this black plastic piece before, but for the life of me I can not remember what its used for. Thank You!!
  7. I have some dive gear that I have accumulated that I just want to get rid off. None of it has EVER been used! Buyer pays shipping, all offers considered. -Mares Prestige Octo perfect condition: $90 obo -Mares Rebel Octo perfect condition: $75 obo -Mares Puck 3 computer/ gauges: Costs about $500, looking to get about $450 obo. - Mares Puck Wrist computer: Costs about $300, looking to get about $250 obo -I have 2 Mares Mission 1 Pressure Gauges: costs about $90, looking to get about $80 obo - I have 2 Mares Mission 2 Gauges: costs about $200, looking for $175 obo (one of the gauges is missing a backside, this allows for a compass to be installed) - I have 2 Oceanic Air XS 2, they do not come with an inflator hose, but most regular inflator hoses already on your gear should work. : Costs about $170, looking for about $125 obo -I have 2 Zeagle Envoy Octos: Costs about $135, looking to get about $100 obo -Last but not least I have two Atomic Titanium dive knifes, the straps have gone missing, but can be purchased for about $10: I would like to get about $75 obo
  8. I have two never used cameras that I dont need. Both are missing the battery charger, but have everything else. I just want to get rid of them so all offers are considered. -Sealife DC800 (never used) comes with box, underwater housing, camera, insturctions, battery. Basically everything besides a memory card and battery charger. They sell for about $400, so I would like to get $325. You can purchase a charger for about $30 I believe. - Sea & Sea DX-860G (never used) comes with box, instructions, underwater housing, camera, battery, again basically everything besides the battery charger. They sell for about $450, so I would like to get $350. You can also purchase a charger for about $30. I have these laying around, and I never used them, so I just want to get rid of them, so makes offers, buyer also pays shipping.
  9. Raymarine: Is this typical service?

    Hey King, luckily for me everytime I called I spoke with someone. I did have to wait about 15 minutes everytime, but I always got someone.
  10. Raymarine: Is this typical service?

    Hey guys, I spoke with raymarine several more times, and we have come to an agreement. They are sending me an A65 that they had up there to replace mine. Anyone that has a brand new out of the box unit that has a problem, do not send it to repair. Get in contact with warranty and complain about it enough to them and they will just give you a new one instead.
  11. We purchased a brand new (not refurbished) Raymarine A65 a couple weeks ago. We installed it in the boat and it only worked for a couple days. When I went to use the boat on the 4th of July, the unit would power on but the screen was completely white. Nothing was showing up on the screen. So I go ahead and call raymarine after the weekend, and they tell me that it doesnt sound good, so that I need to send it in for repair, where it will take 2 weeks. We package the unit back up and send it in the next day which was Tuesday. We sent it via UPS and we recieved a conformation that they recieved it on Friday. I know its the weekend so I plan to call on Monday and confirm they recieved it and see how long until I get it back. So when Monday comes around I call ,and they tell me they recieved it on Friday and that I could expect to have it back in 3 weeks. I am already a little ticked of because this is a brand new unit, and I only had it a couple days. So today I decided to call to see whats up with it. The lady on the phone tells me that they will not even be able to touch it for 4 weeks!! I tell them that this is a little ridiculous since this is a brand new unit that only worked for a couple days. The lady then transfers me to the warranty department where I am prompted to leave a message. I then left a message telling them my situation and that I really need to get a new one or a refurbished one until mine was done. So I guess I am wondering if this is typical raymarine service. Do they always give you the run around and tell you it is going to take longer each time you ask? i am a little ticked off because it was BRAND NEW, and now I have a big hole in my console where it was flush mounted and I do not know when I will get it back. What do you all think?
  12. Vandenberg Headed To Key West

    Wow, that was an amazingly awesome video. Thank you bluewater!!!!
  13. Messaging?

    Yea I figured it out now. Thanks guys!