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  1. The Bay Brige boat show in April. http://www.annapolisboatshows.com/bay-bridge-boat-show/ .
  2. What got you started into Boating?

    When I was a kid my parents rented a small boat to go crabbing a few times. Dad was hooked, first boat was a 16' then moved up 24' - 31' - 31' with twins and his last was a 34' double cabin Pacemaker. Dad fell and broke his hip and never revovered well enough to continue boating. I purchased my first boat 14' Crestliner then a 18' Citation that I kept for 19 years and going on my 7/8th year with my 22'.
  3. F200/F250 maintenance tips and tricks

    Here ya go. http://www.simyamaha.com/category_s/1985.htm
  4. Rub Rail Needed

    I have never purchased from this company, they are a marine liquidator. http://www.themarine...ccessories.html
  5. is this thing on

    We do
  6. Is it more difficult to post .....

    Let me try
  7. Well I can now report back. Winter, kitchen remodel and crappy spring weather kept me off the water too long. I filled my 92 gallon tank with 1 - 8 oz bottle of Star Tron back in November and then I take the boat for a ride to run the mixture through the engine. After sitting for 5 months the boat runs like I just fueled up with fresh fuel. I must admit that I have been using Star Tron to winterize my boat like this for years now (with E-10 fuel) with the same results! I always like a freebee Thanks Bill

    Good to see ya hitting the keys again I hope everything has been going well for you. I do want to say thank you for the Yamaha maintenance tips you posted. I have been able to save a lot of time and money by doing my own maintenance with your help

    Here this might help , Maybe next year for the Skins. Me with some of the girls
  10. New Site Design

    I liked when the main page would show the date and time of the last post, not a number. That way you can see if a new post was made without opening it up. (* Icon 1284063742) shows on the main page and after you open it shows (* Yesterday, 09:04 PM) Just my 2 cents
  11. I received my bottle yesterday. I always use StarTron when I put the boat away for the winter, November - March. I fill the tank adding a heavy dose of StarTron to 90 gallons of E-10 fuel and in the spring it starts and runs like I just filled it with fresh fuel. Now with all the E-10 problems I read about with clogged injectors and VST filters I'll be adding it to every tank through out the year. Thanks Bill!!!
  12. Nice boat, It's funny how the weather never seems to cooperate when plans are made. I see you live in FL somehow I just don't feel too sorry for you about the wind This is what we survived this winter.
  13. Looking For Tires

    I put Michelin LTX MS on my Ford Explorer and after 21,000 miles they still look new. They ride smooth and quiet. My 2004 GMC Yukon is close to needing new tires and I will replace them with the Michelin LTX MS. My local Sams Club has Michelin LTX MS for $198 each and a rebate of $70 off the purchase of 4 tires. I think mounting and balance is $15 per tire. 265/70/17"
  14. ReelBoating Super Bowl Contest

    Saints 27 Colts 20