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  1. I have TWO Heat Exchangers and Two Oil Cooilers that came off twin 1999 454 / 320hp Crusader XLi engines They are in very good condition. Was disappointed when I took them off to inspect and they didn't really need to be pulled. for the sake of time, I already bought the new ones so changed them out anyway. Can be used as is... I had no issues with them - friend convinced me to change them because they were 'old' - They do not make the new parts like the old ones! $500 for everything. I am in Randolph, MA - you would need to pick up or pay for shipping.
  2. Just passed a new seafox 22 foot center console - it looked pretty nice. Noticed on the hull, it now comes with a lifetime warrenty.... have these designs changed from their old ones? Anyone have one of the newer models that can comment on quality, ride, fit - finish? thanks TwS
  3. Kohler 6.5 Generator

    Facing a catastrophic failure on my kohler 6.5 genset. this is a 1998, about 1100 hours on it. over the winter, I had a oil seal on the motor side replaced due to a leak. The tech took the stator and rotator assembly off to get the shaft on the motor side out to bring back to the shop to replace the seal. he said this is the only way to get to the seal. He came back, put it all back together. In the spring, I launched and the genset ran like shit. called tech, he said to let it run for a little bit and see if it works itself out - winterized and all, made sense. We ran it for about 2 hours and ended up just shutting it down. he came back out, changed spark plugs with out even starting it and it ran good. For about 15 hours - then it happened. Dark smoke poured out of the generator side exhaust and smelled like rubber burning. shot out little pieces of burned plastic/rubber ... dead. they came back out, took it apart and the spinning thing in the rotator assembly actually broke off. Now the battle begins - the tech took it all apart, we think he did not put it back together correctly, they say it is just coincidence. anyone ever have this happen to them? whats your take on it - why would this part snap off if not because it was put together wrong. any one ever sue a tech before for a faulty repair? TwS
  4. Look what I found!

    1. you ever get the feeling something really bad is about to happen?! 2. ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
  5. shrink wrap

    I'm looking for someone to shrink wrap my boat - Person/company needs to be insured to work at a marina. Any one know a good service? I am located in the Boston area. Thank for your help. TwS
  6. Anyone interested in trading down? I have a 1999 20' hydrasport vector with a evinrude 225 ficht on it. (never had any 'real' issues with the ficht, about 500hrs on it). This boat is 20'5" long, the marina I am staying at requires the boats be a minimum of 20'7" long so I am in jeopardy of loosing my slip for the 2"...they suck but rules are rules. Looking for a trade up to similar style, 22' - 26' I love the hydrasports and would rather stay with them but would consider anything similiar. don't have much cash so it has to be more of a even trade .. laughing to myself ... I know it is a long shot, just thought I would give it a chance - If you are serious, pm me with what you have and I will send more info. Boat is in the boston mass area. TwS
  7. Jack plates

    Anyone put a jack plate on smaller hydra sport vector? Would be interested to hear how it turned out if you did. TwS
  8. Anyone familiar with the Kohler marine gensets? I have a 6.5 ESZ that I 'think' is overheating and shutting down. It runs for about 10 minutes then stops. water flow is good, air intake is clear, changed fuel filter. still shutting down. antifreeze level and oil levels are good. now what? now for my silly question, what forces the antifreeze to circulate? There is no circulation pump like you would find on a regular in board engine. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks, TwS
  9. LED lights for Engine Room

    It doesn't get easier then that - no excuses now for not doing it. thank you for your help.
  10. LED lights for Engine Room

    Those are pretty nice - I like those - I currently have three separate 12vdc round bulb lights that are wired together on one switch. Would I need a different switch or wiring to replace what I have with 2 of the hella lights and one of those strips? Thanks for your help! TwS
  11. Looking for a nice LED light that wont break the bank for the engine room/bilge. Any recommendations? TwS