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  1. Wiley!

    Wiley man, Lee and I are relocating to the St Petersburg area very soon!!
  2. Wiley!

    Damn dude, where you been?
  3. Best wishes for a smooth transition buddy.
  4. Merry to Christmas to all!!!!
  5. dinner is served

  6. This is hysterical!

  7. Stripers in TN

    Yup, worked well for us. Small baits is cold, larger baits in warm.
  8. Stripers in TN

    Joe, when trolling bucktails or lures, I would go as slow as 2mph in cold weather and as fast as 3mph in warm weather.
  9. The Admiral's New Ride

    I am legend.
  10. Health Problem

    Totally sober when posted, ignore my posts and I'll ignore yours.
  11. Health Problem

    I have been experiencing massive gas attacks in the last few months. No just gas either, I'm talking methane enriched pure tee stank farts. I'm beginning to worry a little. It comes in waves and I never know when it will hit me. I was down at Billy Mack's Gas Station and Nail Salon last week, just shooting the breeze and something vile exploded from my ass. It was embarrassing as hell. The wife knows not to ruffle the covers at night, otherwise we both may die from toxic inhalation. We go shopping at Wal-Mart and I keep reminding her to walk in front of me, for her own well being. As I spray the isles, I hear complaints in a language I don’t understand. The one vehicle we own that has cloth seats will probably have to be burned. I’ve tried everything to get the stank out, ain’t happen’n. Finally sold it to a buddy that has no sense of smell. I had to type this up and save it so I could post it without being in pain as I try to lock down the sneeze muscle as best I can. Any ideas brothers? Thanks,
  12. I can't paste text into a new post.
  13. THTime machine

    My avatar has me, Wiley and junior
  14. I am a Penn guy. I picked up a 420 and mated it to the new Penn Squadron 7' Extra Light rod with 10lb Power Pro. Man, this is a light TOUGH combo that you can cast for days. I've caught specs, flounder and reds with it so far, Love it! What is your inshore "go to" rig?
  15. Stripers in TN

    I personally like the tolling plate. They work good and you don't have to deal with another engine, but then again, you are saving hours and gas on the main. Not sure Joe, I've always had inboards and used buckets or trolling sock.