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  1. Pleasure to be aboard!

  2. Jose Wejebe R.I.P.

    RIP loved his shows
  3. TimW Texas

    Damn David you have had a lot of work done. Most of all losing weight and very happy for you. You look so much better , the Doc told me to that was a great factor in my case for my recovery and healing time but I have been up and down just trying to make day after day, I cant lay down as of now and have to sleep in the recliner when I can sleep. I've been real sick but seem to be past that BS, lost my voice its back now feeling better today Tim
  4. TimW Texas

    Looking forward to it Lester
  5. TimW Texas

    My neck surgery on 5-6, 6-7 new disc went well in Dallas and now back home as of today 24 hr turn around
  6. PING TIM W.

    Most of you know back in 2008 I was hit in a MVA, since then I have been waiting for back surgery to replace a disc and a fusion. But my bone density is bad so I have been on a drug to build this up. For awhile now I have been having neck pain , paralysis and physical sick. I had a MRI and X-rays done earlier this month on my neck Not good C 5-6 Hypertrophic degenerative changes present within the facets. moderate-sized broad-based posterior disc bulge/osteophyte complex effaces CSF signal anteriorly. Severe bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing present. They wanted to get me to a surgeon here in Texarkana right away, but I want to go to Dallas after these clowns here have messed up so much. I don't trust them. That will be the 23 . last week Fri I was very sick and shaky well by Sunday I was spinning around lost vision or very blurred I have been staggering around like a pig hit in the head with a ball ping hammer on a bad episode of the twilight zone. 30 years ago I paid to feel this way now I'm just trying to make it through the day. I can't rig lures as of now, that's how I knew something was wrong a few months ago. At 48 way to much crap. Like others I weighed 178 now I'm down to 148 just trying to do all I can to help myself with my back. Life is funny and very unpredictable. I just woke up
  7. New Guy Here

    Howdy Y'all
  8. After being taken into custody and accused of stealing a boat in Pierson, Fla., Darrel Horne allegedly asked Sheriff's Department deputies to user a Taser on him. Eventually, the officers did just that. A press release from the Volusia County Sheriff's Department explained the bizarre occurrence: Horne essentially dared deputies to use a Taser on him, taunting them with "Taser me. Taser me, Bro.” When he refused to comply with a deputy’s orders, he was Tasered. After calming down later, Horne apologized and even thanked deputies for Tasering him. The incident started when an area resident reported that Horne and his accomplice Matthew Shrider had stolen a John Boat from his dock. The man also reported that one of the two alleged boat thieves was carrying an axe. Upon arriving on the scene, officers reportedly saw the two men in the boat and asked them to come ashore. According to police, Shrider took the easy route and immediately swam back to shore. But Horne, according to the release, began to curse at the deputies and then stripped down to his birthday suit before diving into the water and swimming in the opposite direction of authorities. Deputies later discovered Horne in a wooded area where he was taken into custody. Both suspects were charged with armed burglary, grand theft and resisting an officer without violence. Horne's taunts toward the officers were no doubt inspired by a 2007 incident involving a University of Florida student who was tased and arrested while shouting "don't tase me, bro."
  9. that solves that

    Wiley just added the DRAMA area. Nothing happened, other then creating a place to visit. Top of the evening to ya
  10. that solves that

    And did what?
  11. Drama Mine is open

    What else could you do. Its about time
  12. E-A-G-L-E-S!

    Wow they imploded last night. V Y really ~~~~~~really awesome
  13. E-A-G-L-E-S!

    Got my tickets for Dec 24 game.
  14. What would John Wayne do
  15. is this thing on

    I read you