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  1. New Jersey Members

    "jawz",jim anderson,jimmy's marine service llc...cape may nj
  2. looking for a work boat,"lobster boat" style...this rig doesn't have to be pretty...gotta have hydraulics,pot hauler and het hauler...32-38' + -...whatcha got ???
  3. Looking to make fiberglass top

    this changes things... you won't need a mold for a skin top-"skin" being fiberglass...shouldn't need any kind of core either,does the top have antenna plates ?? to make a skin,you're gonna need a 4'x8' piece of gloss formica...atach this to a suitible underneath,you just made a "lay up table"...wax the formica,then,wax it again...coat the formica out in gel coat-be sure to use laminating gel,let it kick,then coat it out again.after it kicks,coat it out in resin and lay the matting on it-for skins like this i use 3 layers of 1.5oz chop strand matt...let it all kick overnite,and peel it up the next day,cut it to fit...if you want,you can roll some awlgrip on the underside,this will briten it up...i make skins like this for a few top guys... i'm really not sure what kind of top you have,"kind" being,i never really seen an atlantic towers top with a fiberglass skin on top,all the tops i seen were canvas...
  4. Looking to make fiberglass top

    trust me on this one...you don't want to add a fiberglass skin to that frame...the frame you have is a "hoop",it's for lacing a canvas top to.the tops that utilize a fiberglass skin have a different edge,it uses a "j" moulding to hold the fiberglass skin to the top.if you put a fiberglass skin on that frame it's gonna look terrible.the atlantic towers tops allready look bad enough,it's gonna look worse.smart move is to pull what you've got and get a whole new one made...this time with a fiberglass skin top,not canvas
  5. Mast Head Light

    mounting the gps antenna in the fashion you presented,that would be incorrect.gps antennas should never be in line with the radar beam.having a gps antenna in line with the radar beam,it can and will cause problems,in the case of the lowrance units,it can actually cause the gps to lose it's signal.these antennas need to be higher than the radar antenna.the mast head light,that needs to be at the highest point on the top,for obvious reasons...
  6. Introductions

    jose... the bertram isn't mine anymore...sold it a few years ago...the sea craft is mine...
  7. own boat... a 23 sea craft center console,potter built,rebuilt by my shop this is my old rig,a 31 bertram...
  8. Introductions

    jim anderson,jimmy's marine service llc..."jawz'' cape may nj fish 2 boats a potter built 23 sea craft,and a 31 bertram...