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  1. They let me onboard April 2nd... They were still putting the supports under her and on the sides. They probably heard me talk and felt sorry for an old country boy up there! That is the first boat I have ever been on with a fireplace on the deck. How cool is that? The history of that boat is amazing.
  2. I was aboard her last week and I was amazed at the thickness of her planking.. It was about 3" thick. Very cool.
  3. powder coating

    I found these guys in Washington... Cherry Coating offers media and soda blasting with our coating business. Soda blasting removes only surface coatings without damage to base metals. Have old parts? make them new again, call Cherry Coating of Washington, NC at 252-402-8366 for coating questions and cost.
  4. Mystic, CT What to do/see?

    Hopefully Julia will be there
  5. 20 Gallon tank

    PM me with parts you might need.. I am close to you and have/can get anything....
  6. Face of fear

    That is classic!
  7. Mystic, CT What to do/see?

    My wife is looking for small quaint shops... Antiques and nautical stuff. A nice B&B would be our preference instead of a big hotel. Preferably walking distance to great restaurants and the seaport...
  8. Mystic, CT What to do/see?

    Believe it or not my wife isn't that into boats... She can appreciate something beautiful and knows it when she sees it but I really think she would prefer to do some shopping while I check out the museum. How about a place to stay? My aunt said to stay away from the Inn at Mystic...
  9. I am going to a wedding on the Cape and wife wants to stop by Mystic for the night... What to do there or see? We will do the museum but what else is there?
  10. I will post this topic here..... Wiley, glad to be in your new house... Thanks!!!