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  1. Price: $250 Location: Kent Island - Stevensville, MD Pics here: http://easternshore.craigslist.org/boa/1637669593.html Get caught with out a bubbler this winter? Don't let it happen again next year!!!! This ice eater was only used one season!!! New it sells for $497 http://www.iceeater.com/store.asp Includes ON/OFF Thermostat - ON at 25 degrees - OFF at 35 degrees Features: Ice Eater P750, unlike other de-icing units, requires no additional hardware in order to obtain the desired de-icing pattern. Ice Eater is shipped complete with suspension lines. It can be taken out of the box, hung in place and plugged in. Ice Eater may be hung from a pier or boat. Two to three feet is the average operating depth. Ice Eater P750 Features * 3/4 HP energy-efficient high quality motor with 36 lbs. thrust * 115/230 volts, 4.7/2.35 amps, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz * Standard 25 foot quick change power cord. With optional 50 ft., 100 ft. and 150 ft. for 115/230V and 200 ft. for 230V only * Two 25 ft. x 3/8 in. hollow braided lines with shackles * Environmentally friendly lubricant * Patented Venturi Design for maximum thrust * Weight: 45 lbs. (25 ft. cord) * Motor housing is constructed of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and bronze endbell for corrosion free operation in fresh or salt water. Motor exceeds NEMA specifications and is UL and CSA compliant, and C.E. certified. Motor shaft is 316 stainless steel, the best material for salt water application. Optional thermostat custom design turns Ice Eater on when needed. Ideal for unattended application.
  2. Headed to Charlston SC

    I thought that might have been you leaving the marina early this morning. Have a great trip, Mike!
  3. White Marlin open

    What boat were you on, Mike? Bruce is out on the CGI boat today... haven't heard from him. I am watching the live stream now but haven't seen any boats come in yet (stream started at 4pm eastern)
  4. Boat Dealers

    I agree that brokers should be thrilled to get offers to present to the seller, I know I am. The problem is that some sellers have unrealistic expectations or refuse to except that todays market is what it is. My job as a broker is to be brutely honest upfront... this often means I don't get the listing because they think their boat is the best in the world and I want them to give it away. It's a tricky business. No one has ever come back to say "Boy, I sure am glad I didn't take that offer".
  5. Boat Dealers

    This guy sounds burnt out to me and/or does not have a minimum commission. My tip would be to either find a new career, take some time off and mentally regroup and learn how to make this market work for him not against him. There is no doubt that times are tough but I am using this time to hone my skills and prepare for the upswing, not complain.
  6. Boat Dealers

    I'm not having a problem selling boats and making money.
  7. Newbie

    Click the ADD REPLY button (not the FAST REPLY button) and you'll have the option to add attachements.
  8. Introductions

    Edit: Sorry... wrong thread!
  9. Bean bags

    You can buy refills when it starts to flatten out.
  10. I have always liked your humor, Mike
  11. Bean bags

    Ditto on all of the above. We bought a couple of large arm chairs from e-searider. They are very well built and comfy! Let me know if you want to check them out Mike.
  12. Need a new GPS

    Garmin would be my choice... love their stuff.
  13. Show your boats and your fish

    Here is my home... I left the fenders out??? Photoshop to the rescue!
  14. Generally speaking, in my experience, those that claim to have a better resale value usually have a higher price tag up front. The depreciation rate is usually the same... in most cases. If you pay 3-4 times the cost of a Yugo on your Honda it will likely be worth 3-4 times the Yugo in 5 years. There are exceptions, and some don't agree, but I think thats the case in most instances.
  15. Island Yacht Brokers, The Chesapeake Bay dealer for Pursuit, will have it's annual raft-up at the Kent Narrows Power Boat race on August 2nd 2009. We will arrive early in the morning with a new Pursuit, all you have to do is look for the Pursuit flag and tie up. Enjoy the race and get to know other Pursuit owners. Hope to see you there!