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  1. Have one. It mostly stays in my closet. It come out only for longer trips.
  2. When I was about 7 I used to "help" my neighbor. He lived in a big house and rented rooms. He had an old skiff that I helped him paint. Accross from it in the barn was this upside down hull. He didn't know what it was but said one of his tenants owned it and was working on it. It was smooth and looked like a rocket. I kept lookout and spotted him going into the garage. I introduced myself and he explained that the 20' wooden bullett was a sailboat called a Highlander. I helped him work on it and was there when he took it away to launch. Turns out he was the National Champion in the class. The boat was a sheer terror and way too wild for my light weight. But I got the salt splash in my face and that was the beginning. Best part: Fast forward 15 years, I ran into him by acident. He was now sailing Rhodes 18's. I spent 2 seasons crewing for him. He went on to win the nationals. Some things are just special.
  3. I doubt there is a "best". It all has to do with intended use. A YF is not a family cruiser. A Midnight Express is not a down & dirty fish boat. I have a Triton 2895. It isn't the best; it is far from the worst. It does a lot of things well and other boats do some things better or worse. You need to figure out what you are realisticly going to do with the boat and go from there. Miami is a blast as there are innumerable hulls to ride. Every boat has it's own personality and it's pro's and con's. That is what makes the search so much fun.
  4. the best boat wax

    I like REJEX. However, I don't like the shine so I usually wax over it. Colonite if I have tine but McGuires if not.
  5. ReelBoating 3.0

    Speaking of the Miami Boat Show....doing anything?
  6. My life is a bit confused but Intrepid 400 Cuddy/ Krogen Express 52
  7. After 4 years of false starts and weather cancellations I am finally going to Miami. Should be there Fri-Sat. I would love to shake your hand if you are going to be anywhere specific. Also looking at a house in Idlewyld in Ft Lauderdale and could use a data dump.
  8. Waterproofing Canvas

    I second the 303 product. Use it on boat & car.
  9. -634.76

    I assure you that the "big guys" are feeling the pain. As I posted elewhere, this is not a good thing for the boating industry. One exception might be the boating clubs. They provide a reasonable alternative to ownership in difficult times. The one in my area (Norwalk CT) is booked solid.
  10. I see this everywhere. No one does a real face to face anymore. We were in a restaurant and 8 20 somethings were a few tables away. No one was talking to one another-they were all texting. Why bother to get together? Anyway, today is a serious blow to the boating industry. Extreme amounts of wealth were eradicated this week (it's only Monday!!). Even if one were 100% cash the general malaise and fear of impending doom will put the buyer's hands back in their pockets.
  11. Tough business You probably can't get with a major as you have no experience. You probably can't go with a minor as you cost too much. Think add-ons like electronics or fuel additives. Think large repair yards/dealers. Call the Galati family and ask their advice. See if you can talk to anyone at Derecktor. Think boating clubs. They are hot and growing. There is going to be a huge roll up in this sector and you might be able to catch a wave. Think multi location operators like Brewer's and Galati. Work on a captain's license so you have some "cred". It will take a while but this is a networked industry and you need to start connecting. You could become a territory manager for a smaller boat manufacturer. Strictly commission and you will never see home but for Christmas. Whatever you do I wish you good fortune. Change ain't easy.
  12. Pop

    Thanks for the offer but I think I'll stay on shore and watch. Sick!
  13. Thurs- Fri Intrepid 400 Cuddy and equivalents I died at the airport last year so I am psyched.
  14. Old oil

    FWIW I was reading the December Hemmings. On page 41 is an ad for a company They claim to formulate with "high levels of zinc and phosphorous". No idea if it is trus and I am not touting but it might be a solution. I own several "old" cars and it is starting to be a problem for me as well. Good luck!