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  1. Contractor added a topic in Boating and Fishing Discussion   

    Oil Leak or No Problem?
    2005 Mercury 2 Stroke


    Motor trimmed down and not run in about two months. Trimmed the motor up to put the transom saver back on and oil dripped out right about where the lower unit meets the powerhead. It's hard to say, but I'd guess a tablespoon full or so ran down the lower unit and dripped onto the ground.

    I pulled the cowling to see if I could tell where the oil came from, but no luck. I thought perhaps the reservoir had leaked.

    I have never noticed this happening before, so I'm looking to see if this is cause for concern before I haul it to my mechanic.

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  2. Contractor added a post in a topic Pick One,,,,,,, (For a contest)   

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  3. Contractor added a post in a topic hello from the Turks and Caicos   

    Gringo......nice to see you pop up again.

    The wife is pushing hard for another Provo vacation.

    We shall see.
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  4. Contractor added a post in a topic New Forums   

    Certainly need the sandbar and smallwood.

    While the bilge is terrible, you'll still need somewhere to move totally off topic threads and junk in general.

    Set it up so the "Junk" forum purges itself each day or every two days.
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  5. Contractor added a post in a topic Will begin notifying friends this week   

    Thanks for the invite.

    Looks to ge a great start.

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  6. Contractor added a post in a topic What's After "Newbie"   

    Newbie in training.

    8 more to go.
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  7. Contractor added a post in a topic Hey Wiley - Where's all the STUFF?!   

    Are you all stalking me?

    Did you follow me from another forum I visit?


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