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  1. Mod 9 around here?

    I got banned by mod 11. You cannot disagree next thing you know they will hack my network and threaten mass killing. I do this for fun?
  2. Mod 11 will put the Other site out of business.
  3. Picking on homey!

    My boat has two outboards and will never do 80 MPH. I don't need the biggest or the fastest.
  4. This might help http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/showthread.php?t=742866 http://nyfisherman.net/longislandcharters.html
  5. A1/Blackbird Outboards...

    It would seem that a new power head is a better way to go.
  6. I looked at the video, what am I missing?
  7. This guy must be in a real rush to sell his boat?
  8. Not much facts or data. How fast did the boat go, what was MPG at cruise?
  9. When I go out at night or in fog I idle along or run at a slow cruising speed. It was very sad and I feel sorry for the parties involved.
  10. Moving Back To Jupiter

    Sad to hear.
  11. world cat diesel boats

    It seems like he had a old issue and no longer has a WC, just a brasher with no real purpose.