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  1. Boat Lift Inspection

    Without seeing what type of lift, I can give you a general answer. First of all check the cables for fraying. I am on my 4th year with my High Tide 12,000LB lift. After 3 years I contacted Hi Tide, as I assumed that I would have to change out the cables as part of regular maintenance. High Tide explained that my assumption was incorrect, and that cables that do not show signs of fraying or wear do not need to be replaced. Other than that, if you have a lift with an aluminum frame (beams between pilings), check welds for cracks, check pulleys, grease pulleys with a good grade marine grease. How are the cross beams, bunks and hardware used to attach? Most lifts are pretty easy to maintain.
  2. 26 Regulator Vs 26 Or 28 Southport

    I researched CC's in the 26'-28' range for over two years. Was all set to pull the trigger on a 26' Regulator when I happened to see the Southports across the aisle at a show. Regulator is the standard in that class that all the other boat companies shoot for. But the bar was raised a bit when I sea trialed the Southport and the Regulator on the same day. No bow rise. More stable at drift. Remains on plane at 17MPH. Designed specifically for the added weight of the four strokes. Fit and finish is better. No step in the deck. And yes, the gunnel height up front on the Regulator is way too low. I am going on my fourth season with the 28' Southport, and I could not be more pleased. Great company to work with. Quality product. Great lines. If you can swing it, the 28 has it all over the 26. And to me, the forward seating in both the Southport and the Regulator FS is useless for anything but cocktail cruising. You can't sit in the bow while fishing with your back to the water. On the 28 you can stretch out on that coffin box while fishing, or on a good day offshore riding up front is not out of the question. PM me if you need more details.
  3. Best non-skid wax/cleaner?

    Hotspot has it covered. But I have switched to Mary Kate Cleaning Detail for cleaning the non-skid, as it is less abrasive, and not as harsh as Soft Scrub. I find it does not take the wax off other surrounding areas when rinsed like the Soft Scrub will. Then follow up with small amounts of Woody Wax every 3-4 weeks. Used regularly, fish blood will rinse off relatively easy. I am also on my original bottle of Woody's purchased three years ago.
  4. Will begin notifying friends this week

    Thank you for the invite. Logged on right away after I saw the e-mail. Congrats on the new site!!! The "other site" used to be my first stop every day, but I have to admit I was only an occasional visitor now. Again, glad to be included.