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  1. Is it me or have the pictures disappeared? "Photobucket bandwidth exceeded-upgrade to pro"..............all the pics are gone!
  2. acb vs. cat

    I’ve been on both a 33’ WC and a 30’ ACB, and the ACB is not in the same league as the World Cat. Both boats had twin 250 Suzuki’s. I did not at all care for the ride of the ACB, but there was another party on the boat during the sea trial, and they ended up buying it, so go figure. A fellow in the next dock over has a 28’ Farallon with a single Volvo D6, he loves it and has put hundreds of trouble free hours on it. Personally, I don’t much care at all for West coast hull designs such as Farallon and Davis, mythology and regional biases aside I do not believe that they stack up well against the better East coast deep vee hulls, in general. In common here is an accounting of “niche” boat designs, cats, aluminum hulls, converted commercial designs (Davis), and all have their ardent supporters. As stated by others, those that have them love them, and won’t here of any other opinions. For me, I’ve found you can get just about any job done in a properly designed deep vee hull made of good old fashioned fiberglass. If you’re concerned with weather, get a pilothouse, if you like diesel, get diesel power. In personally trying many of these niche boat designs, I did not find that they offered any real and tangible advantages over a well design FRP monohull, and they are usually much more money. The obvious exception is if you lived in Alaska and had to deal with deadheads, rocks, and I guess icebergs, sure you’d want an aluminum hull. To the OP, where do you do your boating?