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  1. Gaffer added a topic in Boats, Fishing and Marine Items For Sale   

    House on Neuse River 4 sale - REDUCED
    Click here for Slide show of house (inside and out) and community ramp

    Dropping the price to $429,000 and including a dock allowance.

    House is located in Godrey's Creek development at the mouth of Adams Creek on the Neuse River right across from Oriental

    Community (gated) boat ramp in neighborhood.
    Great year round fishing
    4 bedrooms and 2 baths on top level
    Bonus room and full bath down stairs
    Sandy beach
    New frig and double oven range w/ glass stove top
    2 year old metal roof
    All exterior doors replaced last year
    upstairs - cork floors except bath rooms (tiled)
    downstairs - tiled floors
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  2. Gaffer added a post in a topic Post your Sunrise /Sunset pics   

    On the Neuse River across from Oriental.....

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  3. Gaffer added a post in a topic These Supports Have Been Working Pretty Good For Trailering   

    here is something similar
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  4. Gaffer added a post in a topic Reel Boating Members Show Your Boats!   

    Have added a power pole since this picture...
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  5. Gaffer added a post in a topic Glad to see this!   

    Took you long enough....can't believe I showed up at nice spot before you did....

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  6. Gaffer added a post in a topic Ocean Report   

    Been some nice hoo reports for sure lately - 50#'ers not uncommon. Also heard some nice gaffer dolphins picked up Sunday off the Fight N Lady....

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  7. Gaffer added a topic in Boating and Fishing Discussion   

    Cold and windy but we found them
    Saturday was a little tough on the water, but I had a couple friends come down and help me put in a garage door on Friday with the promise of catching some fish on Saturday.

    We loaded up about 9 am or so. No need to get in a big hurry with the NNE blow and just about cold conditions.

    Punched around a few creeks and found a few fish.

    I had just picked up a 3 1/2 pound spec just up the creek. Darryl asked if the rig he was using would catch a pup and he answer came on the next cast. Darryl picked up a nice just over the slot drum.

    We had about a 18 trout or so, but only two worth keeping. Also picked up another 5 or 6 pups. Tough conditions, but still a great time on the water.

    Water was very clear and the warmest we could find was about 58 degrees.

    Slow, slow retrieves....

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  8. Gaffer added a post in a topic Introductions   

    Name: Chuck Routh
    Married, two adult daughters
    Fishing the lower Neuse River and Morehead City area -mostly inshore and near shore.

    Former owner of the SECOND TO NONE charter business out of Morehead City. See lots of familiar names and such.
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  9. Gaffer added a post in a topic Pick One,,,,,,, (For a contest)   

    first - all spinners all gold...
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