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  1. GPS question,,,,

  2. GPS question,,,,

    Where is the best place on the net to get a new Garmin GPS/Depth finder?
  3. Painting my boat

    120 is WAY to coarse! If it was mine I would use 320,360 or 400. (I did paint and body work for almost 30 years, and have painted a few boats too) You should also spray DuPont adheason promoter 222 on it before the Imron
  4. Help,my boat has been broken into four times

    How about if you just shoot'em and drag the body out in the river. Im sure that would stop it!
  5. How are you preparing your turkey?

    Nothing but Fried for me!
  6. Thanks,,,,Yeah they had a big time!
  7. The 30min show will air this January on Sports South.....
  8. Ive got a 2003 Yamaha 2cycle 150 power head that melted a piston. It looks like the cylinder can be re-sleeved. Where can I try to sell it at. Some body has to need one?
  9. Miami

    ,,,,,,why am I reading this crap? Cant you just delete the post?
  10. Just some pictures of my work

    Thanks guys. Ive done paint and body work for about 30 years. Certifed DuPont, Sherwin Williams and PPG. Went to all the schools..........
  11. Just some pictures of my work

    Just thought I would post "something"........In my spare time,,,I repair engine cowlings.
  12. Is it more difficult to post .....

    ,,,,,,DAMIT!!! Thats pretty bad for a first post.
  13. More giant red drum from Charleston,SC

    Whats wrong with the site?????? Is there any reason why I cant post pics?
  14. More giant red drum from Charleston,SC

    Late Sept early Oct is the best time here in Charleston,SC! Last fall I caught 14 giants (all fish were over 40") in four hours along with sharks and sting rays. It was hard to keep four rods in the water!