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  1. TimW Texas

    Damn, damn, damn, He was always so upbeat in the face of some terrible times. Rest in peace Tim, and you'll be missed from the forums. Menz.
  2. October 29 in CT

    Nope, I just assumed that if someone was replying to a post today they wouldn't be doing so on a post that was over two months old.
  3. October 29 in CT

    How much snow did they get? It was mid-20s here this morning and I moved to Florida to get away from that!
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone

    From me and mine to you and yours. Enjoy the day with friends and family, and Christ.
  5. New Guy Here

    Hello 'der.
  6. Miami Boat Show Party?

    Trying to persuade the missus to come down to the 2012 show - more because we need a break than a boat! So we may be in, will know more after Christmas.
  7. 9-11 Memories - On the Forums

    Jags did them proud yesterday.... Some pics. The link to the full set is below. There was a message from this marine in Iraq to his mom and pop, then he walked out!
  8. Banned...Well, Damn!

    Oh, I'm sure we can soon change that!!

    Congratulations! But why does your husband have the ring on his finger?
  10. Banned...Well, Damn!

    Wonder if we can get Captain Sparrow to join!!
  11. Banned...Well, Damn!

    Oh must be my mistake. I thought you went by the name of Dave M, worked for a life sciences company, name begins with M, I even thought I have a handsome pic of you. But since you say it's not you then obviously I have all that totally wrong. Though if you could just confirm that, because I don't believe in sharing forum members personal stuff on any site. If it is you I will mind my own. If it isn't I will own up to my silly mistake and post who I thought you were for a laugh.
  12. Banned...Well, Damn!

    So how's the sustainability business Davie?
  13. Banned...Well, Damn!

    Which rules? The Forum's, or the ones a Mod makes up on a whim and apply inconsistently?
  14. RIP Seve.

    What a real nice guy. And he made the Ryder Cup what it is today. ================================== Seve Ballesteros Dies: Golf Legend Passes Away At 54 By PAUL LOGOTHETIS 05/ 7/11 02:53 AM ET MADRID -- Golf great Seve Ballesteros has died. He was 54. According to a statement on his website, Ballesteros died early Saturday surrounded by his family at his home in the northern Spanish town of Pedrena. The Ballesteros family said it "is very grateful for all the support and gestures of love that have been received since Seve was diagnosed with a brain tumour on 5th October 2008." On Friday, his family announced that the five-time major winner had suffered "severe deterioration" in his recovery from a cancerous brain tumor. Ballesteros fainted at Madrid's international airport while waiting to board a flight to Germany on Oct. 6, 2008, and was subsequently diagnosed with the brain tumor. One of his operations was a 6 1/2-hour procedure to remove the tumor and reduce swelling around the brain. After leaving the hospital, he had chemotherapy. He had undergone four operations in late 2008. One of the biggest stars in Spain, even though golf was never a popular sport, news of his downturn transcended to other sports. Tennis star Rafael Nadal called Ballesteros "one of the greats of this country without a doubt, a reference point for all Spanish athletes." Ballesteros looked thin and pale while making several public appearances in 2009 after being given what he referred to as the "mulligan of my life." He rarely had been seen in public since March 2010, when he fell off a golf cart and hit his head on the ground. His few appearances or public statements were usually in connection through work with his Seve Ballesteros Foundation to fight cancer. After lobbying to have the Ryder Cup expanded to include continental Europe in 1979, Ballesteros helped beat the United States in 1985 to begin two decades of dominance. Ballesteros retired in 2007 because of a long history of back pain, turning his focus to golf course design.