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    On the Barnegat Bay in NJ - we boarded up and put boat on the hard - everything came in great. Our neighbors in the northern counties having big problems with flooding and power outages.
  2. Tideline catamarans

    Thanx Jassman I will Have to check it out, Always liked cats.
  3. Ban Gill Nets on the Chesapeake

    Signed the petition on a local NJ forum.
  4. Tideline catamarans

    Do they have a smaller version? I'm looking in the 17-18' range. What is the pricing on the 22'.
  5. What was your first boat?

    First Boat - Annie Laurie - 26 foot Barnegat Bay garvey, 1 1/2" cedar planking with a Hercules straight 6. My dad and I had a ball with this one bought it around 1966 - guess I'm an old guy too.
  6. New Jersey Members

    Live in Forked River - Fish out of Barnegat Inlet and love playing around at the Sedge Islands. This time of year at the outflow.