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  1. There goes the neighborhood...who let this idiot in?

    Yes and can I have another hot day with you pumpkin?
  2. There goes the neighborhood...who let this idiot in?

    Last part is kinda scary.
  3. State between Fla. and S.C.

    When I made that post all I saw was Flordia and the Bahama's. Maybe it should be listed in order moving south we don't confuse the folks up north when driving down. Georgia- Flordia- Bahama's
  4. There goes the neighborhood...who let this idiot in?

    Welcome David, how's the foot? P.S. we have already had a long talk about you before you came in. Let's go fishing!
  5. hello from the Turks and Caicos

    If there were 250# JR's running around mankind would still be in caves.
  6. State between Fla. and S.C.

    onejacker looks like we now have a home and we can leave these guys alone. But thanks for the invite Hotspot anyway.
  7. hello from the Turks and Caicos

    No we keep food and water in a bowl all the time. He WILL let you know when it empty though. Either by that half a$$ barking/talking sound or by pushing it around with his nose. He owns us. We picked him up at 5 weeks instead of 6. He missed the last week on barking training.
  8. Boat Name / Handle Name

    Mine is "Koma" it started on one of those calenders on your desk that you flip the pages day to day. I worked a 24 hr operation so the days I was off I would flip foreward and write KOMA so folks knew I was off that day. It stood for "Kiss Ole Mark's A$$" Had to get a license for a radio years ago and had to have a boat name. Had to make something on the spot.
  9. Wiley there is a state in between Florida and the Carolinas. If I had my drivers license out I could figure out what it is. Some of those guys might have boats and maybe even fish. Just a thought.
  10. Miami 2009

    With all the pictures you take "your gonna need a bigger weekend".
  11. What's After "Newbie"

    I think after Newbie should be "Chummer"
  12. hello from the Turks and Caicos

    "Little SOBs are way too smart for their own good, too. His major saving grace is that he is almost fearless ( except for thunder-related things) and loves boats and loves to swim." I have an eight pound Yorkshire terrier (Boomer) that thinks he is as big as a lab. Yes he is too smart for his own good too. I'm afraid a dog in the neighborhood is going to eat him one day. He takes off after them when they enter the yard like a bat out of hell. They just prance off wagging their tails and looking back like he's crazy. We live on the water and have the boat on a lift, the word "boat" sends him to the dock wanting to get in. Debi got tired of him wanting for her to pick him up and put him on the bed. He has a chair to climb up on but it's not as fun as waking her up. So he would make these little half a$$ed barking sounds. Then he would give up for a minute or so and start scratching on the base of a wicker flower pot. This went on till Debi finally moved the flower pot to the kitchen. I came home and asked why the pot was in the kitchen. She said it was to keep Boomer from scratching at night. I just smirked. Couple night later he starts his half a$$ed barking sounds and then he quit. Time went on and I thought well maybe it worked. Then we hear this tapping noise and I busted out laughing but the wife didn't think it was too funny at all. He had figured out how to flip the handle to the dresser drawers up and down with his nose to make noise. I rolled over and asked Debi. Are you going to move all the drawers to the kitchen now? Sometimes we just don't give them much credit for being smart.
  13. hello from the Turks and Caicos

    I just figured out what my dogs think of me, Thanks.
  14. H ow did everyone find Reel Boating ?

    E-mail from the Wiley dude.
  15. hello from the Turks and Caicos

    Glad to see the dog is still sane after two hurricanes.