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  1. This is a far better place than it will ever be, when Wiley had it it was the best, been downhill ever since.
  2. I have not been in there for a while, I guess I will have to go see what is happening.
  3. Happy Birthday Wiley

    Lets all wish Wiley a Happy Birthday. He got another year younger today
  4. May it go smooth on your end.
  5. Sure hope no one was on the boat that got rammed.
  6. What is Sandy going to do to the show?
  7. If there is a screen on the end of the pickup tube you will be ok, I don't thnik there is a screen. If no screen that little piece of cardboard can get sucked up into the pickup tube and cause problems, I would want to get it out if it was mine.
  8. No lanyard that I can see. No PFD's either, that was PFD running. Stupid should have just cut back on the throttle, it was clearly too rough to be running like that.
  9. Looks like the gal in green fell on the throttle levers when she went over, she also should have had a sore spot on her face too.
  10. What got you started into Boating?

    My father bought a small plywood boat in the 60's, that is where it started, after he passed I used that boat for awhile, then moved to the place on the water that my father had bought, then bought a boat a little bigger, and then another one a little bigger.
  11. Happy Birthday Wiley

    Happy Birthday Wiley, sure hope it is a good one.
  12. Now I know why when I came back to this tab it said IPS community and I was logged out. Seems to be working well.
  13. Some things on tidal waters read "to the low water mark", I don't know about this one, you probably need to ask the local LEO's.
  14. That is Alpha 1 Gen 2 that I have. I missed the Gen 2 part and cannot get back to edit.