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  1. Hello

    Why would I rent a boat when I own a boat?
  2. Underwater light

    They make great stuff but be prepared to open your wallet wide. I had one of their light bars on my truck. It won't fit the new truck. Also if the water is not really clear the effects can be somewhat less dramatic.
  3. Hello

    So what do you have for a boat?
  4. Hi folks?

    Nice to see JoeMc44 pulled stevej's.... Never mind. Just remembered I'm topside.
  5. Tough days in Islamorada

    Sorry I missed this post CJ. Been busy as hell Hope all is well with you and yours.
  6. Help please!

    I think it's under powered. Looks like a Two Thirsty Five would have it just about right.
  7. Help please!

    I think it's under powered. Looks like a Two Thirsty Five would have it just about right.
  8. New truck time

    Truck shopping time. I trade every three years at near 70K because the trade in value is good and the next buyer has the remainder of the 100K drive train warrantee. No Ford No Mopar Don't GAF about politics and bailouts. It's Chevy or GMC 2500HD only. Extra cab, 6.5 box, no friggin diesels. Them days are long past. Looking at a 2015 at the $49K MSRP mark. What looks better to you guys? I'm open on either truck. Seeing the Chevy Thursday, drove the Z71 GMC Monday. Like the gut on the GMC but need to see the other. Like the 4 bulbs on the Chevy grill versus the 2 on the GMC. I want lots of offroad light at night. My 20" Rigid LED bar will work in the Chevy bumper. The GMC will require a new set up or a custom grill. Pretty sure my current ride will fetch 22-25K at trade. I know that 6K is coming off the top on a cash deal with GMC w/o trade value. I hear that GM loyalty is another 1K. Current ride has all but one PM service at the selling dealer. Thoughts?
  9. Origins

    Wiley has proven himself as not the man to mess with.
  10. Does anyone know fishing on PR?

    I'd appreciate it. Have a wedding in Dec to attend and it might be good to put together a smaller charter trip if the season allows it. Don't need no stinking boat rides.
  11. Has anyone fished Puerto Rico? What can you tell me about it?
  12. What did you get yourself?

    Picking it up Saturday.
  13. What did you get yourself?

    Scored a ACOG today for just over 1K. Now have more optics than AR's. Going to have to even up the score.
  14. Price of oil

    Keep buying electric cars so the rest of us can feed boats.
  15. Happy Birthday

    A big shoutout to the greatest guitar player yet to walk the planet... He has a lot of competition at his level. Mr. Eric Clapton