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  1. ReelBoating 3.0

    Yup, I agree with David. What will 3.0 bring? It's been more than 3 weeks now. Any update?
  2. Show me your boats!

    Wouldn't that be kinda begging for free stuff? Why not go buy wonderful boat photos from sites that sell photos like photobucket? just wondering....
  3. At it again

    I think that is one great project! Is it hard? Did you get some schooling in order to fix boats? Just wondering.... Do keep us posted. It would be best if you can post a before and after photo too!
  4. Invincible Boats

    Great way to advertise your business. If I may do so also, I also would like to invite you to check out my online shop. It is all about marine ropes. And if ever you have problems with what splice rope to use, you can always check out my very helpful article there. BTW, here is my site: Boatropes.co.uk Cheers to sailing!