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  1. Navionics for the iPhone

    Never really thought about using it for navigation. My thought would be to have it there for a back-up crumb line just in case.....I currently have an older garmin 76 handheld, non-charting, monochrome I use as a backup. It will navigate pretty well point to point, but I usually just power it up and leave it on the dash to draw a line just in case. I figured that in case I forget the garmin, I would always have my phone, and for the price of the app, what the heck!
  2. Navionics for the iPhone

    Played with it a little a few weekends ago. Very cool for the price. Only problem is if you run it continuously, it really seems to eat up the battery.
  3. RIP Beachnut

    Sorry for your loss Wiley. My "best friend" just turned 11. I can't imagine not having him around.
  4. Hub temperatures?

    Did the SWFL to MA run 2 weeks ago in all that heat. Trailering a heavy 24 footer on a tandem trailer with brakes on all 4 wheels. All 4 were consistently within 10 degrees of each other and 20 to 30 degrees above ambient temp at each gas stop. For instance, in GA at 103 degrees outside they were all between 125 and 135 on the gun. And before the trip the brakes/ hubs were all serviced with new brake cylinders, re-packs, etc. I put grease in each about every 500 miles though I'm not sure they really needed it. Good luck and have a safe trip!
  5. GI Bill

    When I got out in the mid 80's, the program was called VEAP and it was a 2 for 1 dollar matching program. If you contributed $100 a month (100 was the max per month) for so many months (I forget what the total max contribution was capped at) you would get a check for $300 each month while a full time student after separation. It was better than nothing for sure, but no where near as good as the programs that followed.
  6. GI Bill

    Does it apply to graduate school?
  7. 100 Degrees in FLL Today

    Trailered our boat from SW FL to Mass this past weekend. Outside temp gauge on truck hit 103 in GA! Didn't spend much time below 96-97 until almost VA!
  8. Exclusive Autotether Group Buy!

    My kids (in their 20's - fish the daylights out of our boat!) saw a demo of A/T today on "Ship Shape TV" and said..."Dad, you've got to get one of those" so count me in and send the codes please. Thanks Wiley
  9. I'm curious--How Many Have an EPIRB?

    EPIRB and a 4 man raft. Also handheld/waterproof GPS and VHS. The handhelds are always on the boat. EPIRB and raft are usually just brought along for offshore trips (east or south of the islands)
  10. Safety Gear Power Buys

    Ditch Bag! Also would be interested in the inflatable PFDs
  11. Anyone from Cape Cod

    Sounds good! I'll keep that in mind!
  12. Anyone from Cape Cod

    Pretty much our stomping grounds...East Falmouth
  13. Wow! I like to see this!

    Heading in the right direction!
  14. Vendor Notifications

    I second Jim at BOE! Again, no relationship....just very helpful..
  15. Thanks Wiley and RI Builder

    Almost April....the stripers will be here before you know it!