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  1. Maritime type sayings-Post Yours

    You don't like CORN yer sayin'?
  2. Maritime type sayings-Post Yours

    No bananas!!!!
  3. Why the need to stir the pot...

    Well put: Caveman. "Pot stirin' " is one of those one 'eye of the beholder' type of things, (IMHO). I'm a firm believer in choice, (which seems some times) ta be under rated n' under stated. If a poster has a manner of postin' that is irritatin' to ya, (or says something ya find irritatin'), use yer mouse ta move to a post that is not irritatin': problem solved. Real easy! "Ignore" is also great thing: so I agree with that tried n' true corncept as well. Even use it meself. If a poster really is: "stirin' the ol' pot" it is very likely fer attention, n' denial of said attention is the very best way ta make sure less "pot stirin' " occurs in the forseeable future. After all if there is a 'pot' it takes at least two ta 'stir' said pot: so be sure ta gaze in the ol' mirror before ya place blame on all those pots that get stirred up. Respectfully, JR
  4. floating vs. fixed docks?

    Both types have there places. JR
  5. Second attempt to reply to this thread. I hope this is worded mildly enough to survive and be posted so others on this forum can learn from this real life experience corncernin' transom care. I offered a real life example of a transom failure, (which was specifically asked for), when a brace to solidify the engine on said transom in question was not used. My example was ridiculed fer a number of reasons, but I submit the actual experence is STILL a valid reason to use a transom brace when towing yer outboard powered boat, (and I'm not in the bidness of sellin' transom braces). #1 The transom on the boat was solid prior to the road vibration caused damage, and actually still is solid after a crack developed that was the direct result of said over road vibration. #2 The damage was the direct result of the engine loosely rocking on the transom during an approximate 200 mile tow over fairly smooth roads. #3 The damage has been repaired, (the crack was filled, [with GE 5200] to block water intrusion which could lead to rot), and the transom has been wrapped in 5/16 aluminum so it is much stronger and less prone to any future damage, even if a transom brace was not used, (which it will be). #4 This was a "boat transom" not something orbiting Mars, and the boat was a light weight boat from a low end light weight boat manufactrer, and there are many of these boats still out on the water providing joy to their owners. If you have a new boat with a very heavily built transom, and you only plan to use said boat for a "couple of years" and then sell it and buy another one: by all means ignore this advice and tow without any brace on yer heavy outboard. If you have an older boat, or a lighter weight boat, or you plan to keep yer new boat fer many years: I would pay attention to locking yer engine into a rigid formation when towing. Even the heaviest built transoms are not immune from developing cracks from loose heavy modern outboard engines moveing fore and aft during extended tows on even the smoothest roads. As some have also stated: it, (road vibration) also werks the hydrolics on said power trim or jack plates which is ALSO not a good thing. Transoms generally rot from water intrusion which usually results when water enters cracks that can result with a transom cracks due to harmonic vibration created from towing over the road, and or cracks from transom flex under the loads generated by a powerful outboard. Either way, it pays to minimize the potential stress to a stressed out part of yer boat, (IMHO). Bottom line. Bayliners, "Bayholes" are lightly built and some like to put them down. I like 'em, as they look good and are very fast. Therefore I will tow me Bayhole with a transom brace and enjoy many many years of fun on the water, with much less transom problems due to a transom brace. Hopefully that is what we all want here. Me over priced $.02. JR
  6. I think it shows that you knew it was a boat before acting like I was talking about something other then a boat, since #26 was before yer attempt to deny the example I gave of the merrits of transom braces. Bayholes have their place, that particular boat is very light and therefore quite fast which is the attraction of it for me. Due to the lightweight construction it demonstarted for the sake of this thread that transom braces are necessary to solidify an engine on the transom from moving. You jus' seem ta have a closed mind fer some reason. The Bayhole I have is very nice looking, (a lot of Bayholes are even though you are doin' yer best puttin' them down). I bet this little boat would give you a run fer yer money as well, as it is not slow, which is the reason I bought it in the first place. BTW I fixed the crack in the transom with marine grade aluminum, (which you have also ignored tryin' ta denigrate me little ride), so It runs out fine now (and I still use a transom brace, fer GOOD REASON. You mentioned towin' fer two years or some such, even though ya claimed 30 years of boatin' 'sperience. I you have the money to buy a brand new boat and tow it fer only two years then sell it and buy another brand new boat, you could prolly abuse a lot of things and get away with it. I keep me boats fer many years and try to take care of 'em. Me over priced $02. JR
  7. Less Bashing - - - Take the Higher Road

    NOPE I'm not "advocating" anything of the kind. That came off yer very own keyboard, NOT FROM ME. I may have a simple mind, (one functional brain cell n' all), but please stick to readin' me exact werds not me simple mind, as ya jus' can't do the mind readin' stuff very well at all. Some like freedom, some don't. Simple as that. Respectfully, JR
  8. I know Politics are taboo here and I will do me very best not to talk about them or the fact the we are so collectively brillient we put in an inexperienced very media savvy person in the most difficult executive position in the world during a real critical time. If ya wonder why yer boats are less valuable today, (as are most other things too), ponder the following: At no time in recorded history has any entity of size, (BTW this Great Country is an entity of size), ever followed a strategy of increasin' leverage to deal with a financial crisis very directly caused by too little collective saving and toooooo much collective cornsumption funded by tooooooo much collective leverage. (Leverage is borrowed money in case ya didn't know ). Big Ben, (not the clock), used his magic check book last week, (the check book that never is balenced), ta create $1.2 Trillion outa thin air ta buy T-Bills, Notes and Bonds, n' although Big Ben didn't admit it, methinks he used the check book ta buy some equities n' crush the shorts Monday as well. Notice how oil, (in dollar terms), went from the low $40.s to the low $50.s jus' like that, and ya don't think that was demand based do ya????? That short term stuff only lasts sooooo long and the Brits bond auction failed, and our bond auction today wasn't so hot either. We are in the ninth inning, (IMHO), remember I only have one functional brain cell, n' I have been wrong many many times in me life. Me thinks she maybe crackin' a bit today, (but beware of Ben's magic check book) as he can buy entire Treasury auctions and a few stocks, (or futures on 'em), here n' there tooooo even though he will never admit the stock purchases. The last hour of tradin' commin' up in a few minutes n' this day n' tommorrow n' the day after could be down right interestin', if not skeeeeeeeeery. Hope I'm wrong. This is not investment advice, but the musins' of a boater with only one functional brain cell tryin' ta have a interestin' conversation about boat values. Good luck to all. JR
  9. What other Forums do you Frequent?

    Great Job Bird. Didn't know ya had such a talent. Ever wonder why the Brits would ban such a nice feller who we all know jus' luvs the British People and admires the Empire soooooooooo much, (that he lives in)? After all: doesn't he say such nice things about them, (such a sweet guy, eh......)???? Hmmmmmmm........... Guess it takes 1/4 of a functional brain cell ta ponder that one fer a second or two, eh?
  10. I bet yer right, and you would know. Boat securely strapped to the trailer says it all: Ken. Ya know the old sayin' you can lead a horse ta water ...............
  11. What other Forums do you Frequent?

    I mainly post on iboats these days, (where I started 2 and 1/2 years ago). I tried some others like THT, (which I also liked but have not visited fer a long time), and other sites like FCB and Motor Mouths but have settled back there on ol' iboats where I started. I also joined a very slow Glayply forum, (a boat that I own), that I will spend some more time on as the season in the NW warms up and the site picks up with the warm weather. I werked in the securities bidness fer many years and would lurk on financial web sites like Yahoo finance et al, (which I still do fer insight into various things commin' down, [or accasionally goin' up ]as I trade me own account), but the WS Firm I werked for stictly corntrolled any postin' by any and all Registered Reps so I never posted anywhere 'till iboats, after I had left the Securities bidness and started me own unrelated company. JR
  12. I would rather have my engine fixed in a stable locked postion, (with a brace) so road vibration did not further stress an already stressed part of any hull that has a lot of weight and horsepower wracking on it. That is me: you do what ya want. I have been boating fer as long as you have and I try to keep an open mind. My experinece and my single functional brain cell leads me to a different cornclusion then you have reached based on my own experiences that you discount. To each his own: what ever floats yer boat is fine with me. Carry on now ya hear. JR
  13. No Joe: I submit the answer is yes. I have a small 16' Bayhole with a 1250 Merc on it that the guy I purchased it from broke the still solid transom, (BTW: that means it is NOT ROTTON), with a 200 mile tow from Lake Chelan to North Seattle, (on relitively smooth roads). I now tow that same boat with a brace from the bottom of the skaag, (on the LU of the 1250), to the drain hole at the bottom of said now reinforced transom, (with a new 5/16" aluminum wrap). The engine used to flopp all over the place and stress the cracked tranny and now it is solid in a geometrically stable format that doesn't cause further damage. Bracing to the trailer seems problematic to me as well, so I guess you could argue that a poorly thought out transom brace could make matters even worse, that still doesn't void a proper OB brace increasing the life of a transom. Anybody can argue that gravity doesn't werk cause it takes a little time to harm said tranny and since a solid transom can stand some of the punishment you can kid yerself that it is not happening. FACT IS: it is happening, as simple high school geometry will tell ya that if ya think jus' a wee bit. Me over priced $.02. JR
  14. Less Bashing - - - Take the Higher Road

    Obviously some people like FREEDOM, (knowin' they are free to read or not read various threads by exercisin' their own freedom of choice, [imagine that ]), and some value a totally padded n' censored and totally borin' play room where politically correct topics are strictly selected by majority of "squeeky cornplainin' wheels" choice and are forcefully and heavily monitered to make sure no one is ever EVER offended (because they just can't ignore what bothers 'em, and they can't possibly ever pick and choose how to spend their own online time). If ya use yer brain a wee bit, (I know that is very difficult fer some), and ponder the number of views of those very engagin', (n' very irritatin' ta some posters here: obviously), threads on all the boatin' sites you would find the most views, (by a very wide margin) on the very topics you fellers are so quick to want ta bannish. Methinks Singapore is the place fer many of you freedom hatin' fellers, or maybe Cub'r or Venezuala or some such, (where ya go ta jail or worse fer offendin' the wrong party who happens ta be in power at the time ya happen ta offend). I, (fer one, n' maybe only one), vote fer freedom, an unpopular or at the very least unvoiced minority opinion on this particular thread. Me over price (n' likely very unpopular) $.02. JR