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  1. I'll be there on the Thursday to do interviews with manufacturers etc. I'll take photo requests here if any. Also back on the weekend to meet with friends.
  2. Thanks, Stage 1 of 5 complete  
  3. Performing a major forum upgrade this week.   Please note all Usernames and Display Names will be merged (if applicable).   If you had a separate Display Name other than your login Username please note your Display Name will now be over-ridden, or replaced by your Username.      
  4. It's all-in time! Over the next week I will be making the bold attempt of converting the current forum software, database etc into a new content management system. The "forum" section will become less of the main focus, but part of a larger content rich website. There is no guarantee this changeover will go smoothly, and I doubt I'll change it back to how it is now if it doesn't. It's all or nothing. So, in the next week when you visit here it might hopefully) look totally different. But keep in mind this is the plan. Thanks
  5. 9-11 Memories - On the Forums

    Never Forget
  6. Wiley!

    We all need a reunion, in Florida!
  7. Hi folks?

    JOEMC! Go post in the mine.... been boring here without you!
  8. Origins

    You first, Frances
  9. 5 year anniversary today of the "spill"
  10. Awesome.... just wait for this crap weather to change!
  11. Price of oil

    Too much surplus. Not a bad thing
  12. 260.0 ft length. 38 ft beam
  13. http://www.portlandcompany.com/boatShow/