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  1. Hi Wylie, Before you head back to LI any chance on getting the orignal type t-shirts. I should emailed you sooner we were at the Pier 66 2 weeks ago. Let me know what you have. Thanks Mitch 

  2. Should I log in to THT?

    Somebody also told me the word is Wylie, the ass-clown from Yellowfin, is being touted as the creator of THT... lol
  3. Should I log in to THT?

    I remember a while back you had asked me to change your username. I wonder if it glitched in the forum upgrade?
  4. Should I log in to THT?

    Yeah.  The new owners never made a legit offer to keep me around.  Big mistake.  With Facebook and how monstrous I made THT it's tough to start a new.  Just having fun right now.
  5. Should I log in to THT?

    INDEED!  I built it well.
  6. I haven't logged in to THT in over 7 years. It seems now every 3 days I get an "Inbox full" message from there. Should I log in and check the messages?  Or keep the streak alive? Also, I forgot my password.  If I ask for it to be reset it'll go to my THT email address, which I no longer own. Maybe SuperMod JoeMc can assist? HA!
  7. This tends to happen......   Station Islamorada recieved a call late last night for an overdue vessel with two people on board in the area of Ocean Reef. CG 33120 was launched, and began a search near Angelfish Creek. The vessel was able to light off flares, and was found by FWC & USCG crashed into mangroves inside of Angelfish. No injuries were reported at the time. FWC took over the case.
  8. I'll be there on the Thursday to do interviews with manufacturers etc. I'll take photo requests here if any. Also back on the weekend to meet with friends.
  9. Thanks, Stage 1 of 5 complete  
  10. Performing a major forum upgrade this week.   Please note all Usernames and Display Names will be merged (if applicable).   If you had a separate Display Name other than your login Username please note your Display Name will now be over-ridden, or replaced by your Username.      
  11. It's all-in time! Over the next week I will be making the bold attempt of converting the current forum software, database etc into a new content management system. The "forum" section will become less of the main focus, but part of a larger content rich website. There is no guarantee this changeover will go smoothly, and I doubt I'll change it back to how it is now if it doesn't. It's all or nothing. So, in the next week when you visit here it might hopefully) look totally different. But keep in mind this is the plan. Thanks
  12. 9-11 Memories - On the Forums

    Never Forget
  13. Wiley!

    We all need a reunion, in Florida!
  14. Hi folks?

    JOEMC! Go post in the mine.... been boring here without you!